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Improving the Recreational Fishery on Malmstrom Air Force Base

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Environmental assessment

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The Proposed Action is to improve recreational fishing opportunities on Malmstrom Air Force Base AFB by managing undesirable fish species in the existing pond and through creating an additional pond. This action would not only allow for continued use of the only fishery on Malmstrom AFB while constructing another pond takes place, but also addresses the desire to control the number of goldfish in Pow Wow Pond. The action would be a cooperative effort between the USAF and USFWS. The USFWS would provide assistance with obtaining and stocking a preferred predatory fish species capable of controlling or eradicating undesirable fish inhabiting Pow Wow Pond. Fifty adult sized largemouth bass would be stocked annually for two years. It is anticipated that this size of bass would prey on the undesirable goldfish population while allowing stocked rainbow and brown trout to grow and be caught by anglers. By stocking a combination of trout and bass, the recreational fishery would be enhanced by providing a variety of fish to catch and quickly establish measures to control undesirable fish species. Constructing another pond would increase the total acres of fishable water and double the number of fishing ponds available. And by attaching a new pond to Pow Wow Pond, various biological and physical attributes would be utilized more efficiently than by building a pond elsewhere on Malmstrom AFB. The Proposed Action also includes the option Alternative C to use a chemical fish toxicant to control undesirable fish species if monitoring shows predatory fish are not effective.

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