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Environmental Assessment: Replacement of Subscale Drone Recovery Boat Dock at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida

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The Proposed Action involves the construction and operation of an alternate drone launch system adjacent to the eastern side of the drone launch facility at Tyndall AFB. The proposed system would be used by the 53d Weapons Evaluation Group to launch BQM-167 A subscale aerial target drones to support the Air Force Subscale Aerial Target program. The BQM-167 A subscale aerial target drone is used by the Air Force to test and develop various types of weapons systems. The proposed alternate drone launch system would alleviate the operational problems and reduce the high costs associated with the existing system, which would be retained and used as a back up to the proposed system. There are no alternatives that reasonably meet the defined need of the Proposed Action. Design and construction site alternatives were rigorously evaluated during system development and project siting. Design options considered during system development were eliminated based on their complexity and or unproven launch capabilities. Modification of the existing system was also considered but rejected as a reasonable alternative to constructing a new system. With respect to construction location, there was very little siting flexibility for the proposed system based on the screening criteria used. The operational and space requirements of the system, as well as environmental constraints resulted in the elimination of all site options considered. Under the No Action Alternative, the proposed alternate drone launch system would not be constructed.

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