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Environmental Assessment: Military Family Housing Privatization Maxwell Air Force Base

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The Air Force proposes to privatize military family housing MFH at Maxwell AFB. The purpose of the proposed and alternative actions is to provide MFH at Maxwell AFB Alabama that meets Air Force housing standards and the ongoing and projected housing requirements for the installation. The action is needed to provide modern and efficient housing for military personnel and their dependents stationed at Maxwell AFB. The Proposed Action would privatize 808 MFH units and includes acquisition of land adjacent to Maxwell Main Base, known as Riverside Heights. MFH renovation, demolition and construction would be accomplished by a contractor who would manage the MFH units for a period of 50 years. The underlying land would be leased to the contractor. Alternative 1 is the same as the Proposed Action except that Riverside Heights would not be acquired all new construction would occur in existing MFH areas on Maxwell AFB with a resulting increase in the density of houses on Maxwell AFB and a corresponding decrease in open space and the size of play areas. Alternative 2 differs from the Proposed Action in that Riverside Heights would not be acquired, and with the exception of the historic homes, all MFH on Maxwell AFB would be demolished. This alternative also proposes more new construction and less renovation of the existing units. The Proposed Action and Alternatives 1 and 2 would each have 808 MFH units post project completion. Under Alternative 3, an additional 149 MFH units would be constructed, resulting in 957 MFH units post project completion. Riverside Heights, and all structures currently at that location, would also be acquired as part of Alternative 3. Structures at Riverside Heights would be demolished. The following resources were identified for study in this EA noise, air quality, water resources infrastructure and utilities, hazardous materials and wastes, cultural resources, socioeconomic resources, and environmental justice.

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  • Structural Engineering and Building Technology
  • Logistics, Military Facilities and Supplies
  • Environmental Health and Safety

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