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Final Environmental Assessment, Conversion of Forest Land to Road Right-of-Way, Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee

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Arnold Air Force Base Arnold AFB has prepared an Environmental Assessment EA April 2005 that evaluates the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts associated with widening the cleared area adjacent to roads through conversion of forest land to road right-of-way. Description of the Proposed Action The Proposed Action is to remove trees, primarily pine, located along Wattendorf Highway, Arnold Center Road, South Hap Arnold Drive and a limited portion of Northshore Road. Removal would extend 75 feet from the edge of the pavement on both sides of the aforementioned roads, excluding the east side of Wattendorf Highway surrounding Goose Pond. Shoulders on approximately 17.5 miles of roadway would be cleared to 75 feet, although a substantial portion of this roadway already has shoulders cleared to distances ranging from 25 feet to more than 75 feet. The total area that would be cleared is 194 acres. Each area proposed for tree removal would be surveyed in advance of removal to determine the best location for a decking area. The decking area is where timber would be loaded onto trucks. Establishing the decking area in advance of equipment mobilization would reduce the need for extensive best management practices BMPs to minimize erosion and control runoff from the site. Disturbance of riparian zones would be minimized to the extent practicable. Where streams cross the roads, tree removal would be limited to pine trees, with hardwood species left undisturbed. The cleared area would be converted to semi-improved land over a 2- to 3-year period. All tree removal would be accomplished using standard industry equipment. Stumps would be sheared at ground level 18 to 24 months after tree removal. Stump tops and other logging debris would be raked and disposed of in appropriate solid waste areas. The semi-improved land would be maintained by periodic once or twice a year bushhogging.

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