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Environmental Assessment:Security and Safety Upgrades to Entry Control Facilities Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

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Under the National Environmental Policy Act NEPA, 42 U.S. Code 4321 et seq., Council on Environmental Quality CEQ implementing regulations, 40 Code of Federal Regulations CFR 1500- 1508, and 32 CFR Part 989, Environmental Impact Analysis Process, the U.S. Air Force Air Force conducted an assessment of the potential environmental consequences associated with implementing security and safety upgrades to Entry Control Facilities ECFs at Vandenberg Air Force Base AFB. The Environmental Assessment EA, incorporated by reference to this finding, considers all potential impacts of the Proposed Action and No-Action Alternative, both as a solitary action, and cumulatively in conjunction with other projects at Vandenberg AFB. The EA analyzes the potential environmental consequences of construction at five of Vandenberg AFBs ECFs, and provides general environmental protection criteria and guidelines for proposed construction and demolition activities that would prevent adverse environmental impacts. PROPOSED ACTION. The Proposed Action would upgrade the Lompoc, Santa Maria, Solvang, South, and Utah Gates to improve on-base security and safety. These upgrades consist of installing and constructing components, as required at each of the gates, including new fencing, new gates, cable barriers, overwatch facilities, guard booths, vehicle inspection and turn-around areas, vehicle denial barriers, retractable tire shredders, retractable bollards, speed tables, and safety and warning lighting . Construction activities would begin in fiscal year 2009 and would continue through fiscal year 2014. Government funding for each gate is expected during this time frame.

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