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Portable Sensor for Chemical Nerve Agents and Organophosphorus Compounds

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Final rept. 1 May 2011-30 Apr 2015

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Currently, there exists an urgent need for efficient, rapid detection of chemical nerve agents CNA and organophosphorus OP compounds and at part per trillion PPT level. OP compounds are prominently used by the agricultural industry in the United States and worldwide in the form of pesticides and insecticides. OP compounds also occur in the form of chemical warfare nerve agents such as sarin, cyclosarin, VX, and tabun. We propose to develop a new method for detection of OP compounds by using simple detection methodologies without using the enzyme. We will fabricate polystyrene core with ZrO2 shell nanoparticles to detect OP compounds such as demeton and malathion and CNA compounds such as paraoxon and parathion by using simple and portable reflectance method. Also, the porous thin film of Zirconium Oxide film and Zirconium Oxide sol-gel film will be developed as OP and CNA compound sensors by using simple and portable Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy-Attenuated Total Reflectance FTIR-ATR. Zirconia ZrO2 is an inorganic oxide with thermal stability, chemical inertness, and a lack of toxicity. It has been reported that ZrO2 has a strong affinity for the phosphoric group in OP and CNA compounds by forming Zirconium- Phosphate bonding. These sensors could be used for visually monitoring OP compound levels in groundwater and air in a PPT level. We will explore the best inexpensive, simple, portable and easy method as a sensitive and reliable sensor of OP and CNA compounds.

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  • Organic Chemistry
  • Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy
  • Optics
  • Solid State Physics

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