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High-Fidelity Microwave Control of Single-Atom Spin Qubits in Silicon

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Doctoral thesis

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As classical computers begin to reach their fundamental performance limits, quantum computers will be an invaluable tool for the advance of science and technology. The trillion dollar silicon electronics industry sets the perfect stage for the evolution of quantum computation, yet it has so far proved to be a tough challenge to implement all the elements needed to build a scalable quantum computer in silicon. This thesis presents the first experimental demonstration of the full operation of single-spin qubits in Si. Our qubits consist of the electron and nuclear spins of a single phosphorus atom, implanted in a Si substrate, and controlled by a gated nanostructure. We describe an experimental setup tailored to minimise electron temperature and perform realtime data acquisition, analysis and instrument control. We present modeling, simulation and characterisation of a novel nanoscale coplanar antenna for spin control, designed to work at frequencies up to 50 GHz. These tools have allowed us to demonstrate the first ever single-atom spin-qubits in natural silicon, leading the way to demonstrating record qubit performances in isotopically purified 28Si an electron spin qubit with measurement and control fidelities 97 and coherence times of 0.5 seconds and a nuclear spin qubit with fidelities 99.99 and a record single-spin coherence of 30 s. We have performed noise spectroscopy in our system and concluded that decoherence is currently limited by magnetic noise originating from our broadband antenna.

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  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy
  • Quantum Theory and Relativity

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