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True and Steady, Inspection Ready

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The global security environment in which the U.S. Armed Forces must operate, manage, and influence presents many challenges to our all-volunteer force. Moreover, shifting societal norms domestic and abroad often compete directly and indirectly with the professional norms that shift over time. The effect of variances in societal and professional norms can and often does induce friction points and challenges us to stay on the right course, defined by the qualities of honor, respect, duty, service, courage, commitment, loyalty, and integrity, as well as the virtues of decency, fairness, honesty, humility, integrity, and valor through actions. The standards required to sustain the Profession of Arms must always be maintained. The American people have always understood that their external security and their guarantees of inalienable rights largely rest on the shoulders of the U.S. military. Indeed, they support the raising, funding, and sustainment of the Armed Forces because without them, our nation s safety and security would decline. Given the importance of the Armed Forces, its special relationship to the American people, and the notion that the few protect the many, young men and women from all walks of life are encouraged to serve and contribute to something larger, deeper, and more profound than one s own self. There is an enduring obligation on the part of the members of the Profession of Arms not only to keep the Nation safe and secure, conduct and execute well-planned military operations, and provide responsible management of national resources, but also to inspire others and meet or exceed the expectations of the American people. Every profession has, in effect, a compact with the larger society. Society grants the profession certain powers, privileges, and prerogatives not normally granted to others in exchange, the profession provides reliable and longstanding service to society.

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