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(PECASE 08) - ION-Conducting Network Membranes Using Tapered Block Copolymers

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Final performance rept. 30 Sep 2009-30 Mar 2015

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The major purpose of this proposal was to design, synthesize, and characterize new nanostructured polymer electrolytes for rechargeable lithium battery membranes using tapered block copolymers. Tapered block copolymers possess the ability to tune nanostructure, processing temperatures, and mechanical properties independent from chemical constituents and copolymer block segregation strength by manipulating the interfacial profile in the self-assembled nanostructures. The key outcomes of the completed proposal included 1 generating nanoscale networks such as the gyroid network in tapered block copolymer selfassemblies to improve conductivity by 500x over non-cocontinuous nanostructures 2 improving room-temperature conductivity by 150x through the incorporation of non-crystallizing PEO-like conducting domains 3 improving all-temperature conductivity by 5x through the use of tapers to lower the glass transitions temperatures in the conducting polymer domains, thereby increasing chain mobility 4 demonstrating the ability of tapering to tune network formation in various lithium salt counterion systems through adjustments in the taper profile in order to maximize conductivity 5 improving mechanical properties through the formation of nanoscale network domains 6 preliminary testing of battery cyclability at various currents to demonstrate ability to achieve neartheoretical capacities at well over 100 cycles of performance lifetime.

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage

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