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Regional Disease Vector Ecology Profile: The Koreas

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The DPRK occupies the rugged and mountainous Korean peninsula north of a 4-km wide heavily mined demilitarized zone DMZ that runs at an acute angle along the 38th parallel, separating the DPRK and ROK. The DPRK is bordered partly on the north by China along the Amnok and Tumen Rivers. The upper northeastern border is shared with eastern Russia along the Tumen River. The peninsula is bordered by the Yellow Sea on the west and the East Sea formerly Sea of Japan on the east. The DPRK is divided into nine provinces Chagang, Yanggang, North Hamgyong, South Hamgyong, Kangwon, North Pyongan, South Pyongan, South Hwanghae, Hwanghae North and three special cities Kaesong, Nampo and Pyongyang see the DPRK Political Map and Google Maps link. The Korean peninsula is rugged and mountainous 80 of the landscape, especially along the east coast and in the central interior. The DPRK covers about 55 of the peninsula, with a total of 120,540 square kilometers 46,541 square miles, an area slightly smaller than Mississippi. Nearly 65 of the DPRKs total area consists of mountains up to 1,000 m 3,280 ft, while an additional 15 consists of peaks above 1,000 m. The highest peak is Paektu Mountain 2,744 m, 9,003 ft, which is located in the extreme north adjacent to China. The rest of the DPRK consists of narrow to broad river and stream valleys or lowland plains. The DPRK has 8 major ports Map of DPRK ports. Winters are long, cold, and dry, especially in the northern interior provinces of Chagang and Yanggang, where temperatures may fall below freezing for as long as five months avg. January temperature -6 F or -21.1 C. The east coast is generally warmer during the winter months, with an average January temperature of 15 F -9.4 C at Kimchaek and 25 F -3.9 C at Wonsan. Average January temperatures on the west coast range from 15.5 F -9.2 C at Siniju on the Yalu River to 22.6 F -5.2 C at Haeju.

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