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Final Environmental Assessment: Installation of Digital Airport Surveillance Radar at Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota

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The United States Air Force USAF proposes to construct a Digital Airport Surveillance Radar DASR system at Grand Forks Air Force Base AFB in North Dakota. This Proposed Action is part of the National Airspace System NAS Program, the aviation system capital investment plan developed by the Federal Aviation Administration FAA in cooperation with the Department of Defense DOD to modernize approach control systems in the United States, its territories, and overseas military installations. DASR is a DOD-lead contract to install airp01t surveillance radar equipment for both the DOD and FAA. The implementation of the NAS program, which also includes the installation of DOD Advanced Automation Systems DAAS and Voice Communications Switching Systems VCSS at DOD bases, was previously evaluated in a programmatic Environmental Assessment EA and Finding of No Significant Impact FONSI USAF, 1995a. The EA for Grand Forks AFB addresses the si te-specific impacts of locating a DASR system on Grand Forks AFB and evaluates environmental impacts of constructing and operating the DASR system, along with dismantling the existing ANGPN-20 radar, on both the natural and manmade environments. The DAAS and VCSS components of the NAS program at Grand Forks AFB will be located within existing buildings, and impacts are anticipated to be minor. Primary consequences of the DASR system evaluated in the EA involve the construction and operation of an ASR-11 radar system on Grand Forks AFB to replace the existing ANGPN-20 radar. The DASR system at Grand Forks AFB is needed to replace the existing ANGPN-20 airport surveillance radar. The ASR-11 will improve system reliability, provide additional weather data, reduce maintenance cost, improve performance, and provide digital data input to proposed new digital automation system air traffic controller displays. The proposed ASR-11 will take advantage of the significantly increased capabilities of digital technology.

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