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Environmental Assessment of Stone Road Widening at Mission Lake Moody Air Force Base, Georgia

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Final rept.

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The Proposed Action involves widening Stone Road, an existing road at Moody AFB, from the Magnolia Grove Gate to Mission Lake for approximately I mile. Under the Preferred Alternative, the existing two-lane configuration of Stone Road at 20 to 22 feet would be widened to 24 feet of pavement with 8 foot shoulders on each side. Additionally, a pedestrian walkwayjogging track would be constructed along the entire length of the roadway on the north side. However, to avoid impacts to wetlands, the roadway corridor would narrow where it crosses the unnamed stream that drains from Mission Lake. In this section, the roadway would taper from 40 to 30 feet with the walkway immediately adjacent to the road. The existing culvert for the stream would need to be extended by 10 feet and a retaining wall constructed for 120 feet along the north side. Under Alternative 1, Stone Road would be widened in the same way as the Preferred Alternative except at the stream crossing, where the roadway corridor would narrow from 40 to 24 feet, consisting of two lanes and no shoulders. Using this design, the culvert would not be extended, although a retaining wall would be constructed for 40 feet along the north side of the road. Before the stream crossing, the pedestrian walkwayjogging track would depart from the roadway corridor and follow the shore of Mission Lake along an existing access road. The track would then cross the stream through wetlands north of the road via a boardwalk and reconnect with the roadside track as before. Under the No Action Alternative, widening of Stone Road from the Magnolia Grove Gate to Mission Lake would not occur. Therefore, Stone Road would continue to pose a concern for traffic and pedestrian safety and the dam of Mission Lake would not be stabilized.

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  • Civil Engineering
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