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Environmental Assessment for Airfield Safety and Drainage Improvements at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida

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Pursuant to the Council on Environmental Quality regulations, the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act NEPA of 1969 40 CFR Parts 1500-1508, and Environmental Impact Analysis Process 32 CFR Part 989, the United States Air Force AF 45th Space Wing 45 SW conducted an assessment of the potential environmental consequences of the Proposed Action to improve airfield safety and stormwater drainage for the Patrick Air Force Base PAFB airfield, hereby incorporated by reference. Safety hazards to aircraft, crew and wildlife will be alleviated by converting canals to piped stormwater conveyence within the Clear Zone and Accident Potential Zone of the PAFB airfield area. These improvements will enhance stormwater management and prevent standing water, flooding, and birdwildlife attractants per airfield safety criteria requirements, 45 SW Operations Plan OPLAN 91-212, BirdAircraft Strike Hazard Reduction Plan BASH, and AFI 91-202, The US Air Force Mishap Prevention Program. Specifically, the Proposed Action calls for modification of open canals to underground pipesculverts with erosion dissipating rip rap wing walls designed to drain with velocities that do not change downstream characteristics. Approximately three canals will be fitted with 30 to 42-inch diameter pipes, backfilled, and restored with grass sod or hydro-seed. Length of pipe necessary for Canal one 1 is approximately 750 ft, Canal two 2 pipe length is approximately 500 ft long includes a 20-ft setback from protected mangroves along the banks, and Canal three 3 pipe length is approximately 257 ft long includes a 20-ft setback from protected mangroves along the banks. Approximately 20-ft setbacks will be designed into the wing wall and pipe construction to avoid wetlandmangrove vegetation along the canal banks at the termini of the canals.

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