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Finding of No Significant Impact & Tiered Environmental Assessment: Public Law 84-99 Rehabilitation Program Levee Unit 624-627 - Mosquito Creek Pottawattamie County, Iowa

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In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act and implementing regulations, a tiered Environmental Assessment EA has been prepared to evaluate the effects of the proposed rehabilitation of the bankline at Levee Unit 624 and 624-627-611-614 along Mosquito Creek in areas that were affected by high flows in June 2014. The proposed project involves excavating sloughed material, re-establishing the bankline through the use of compacted cohesive fill and placing rock riprap on these areas to prevent future sloughing and erosion. This work will be conducted under Public Law PL 84-99. Two alternatives were considered the Recommended Alternative which would repair and re-establish the integrity of the damaged bankline in two affected areas along the levee and the No Action Alternative. The No Action Alternative was considered but not selected because it would not meet the project purpose and need, which is to repair the levee to pre-disaster condition. The environmental consequences of the proposed action on the physical, biological, and cultural resources have been evaluated. Factors that were influential in the review included a the proposed project will repair the integrity of the levee b no significant adverse impacts to cultural or natural resources are anticipated to occur c threatened and endangered species will not be adversely impacted by the proposed project d all applicable federal and state regulations will be met prior to contract award and e resource agencies and the public have no objections to the proposed action nor are there significant unresolved issues. In addition, Best Management Practices will be incorporated into the project description to reduced construction-related noise avoid the spread of noxious weeds and minimize air quality, water quality, and wildlife-related impacts.

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