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Environmental Assessment for Replacement of the Main Gate Facility at New Boston Air Force Station, New Hampshire

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The U.S Air Force USAF 23d Space Operations Squadron proposes to replace the Main Gate to New Boston Air Force Station NBAFS to comply with existing security requirements. Currently, the design of the existing entrance does not provide adequate defense against potential attack. Specific security hazards include 1 straight approach to the Main Gate facility by oncoming vehicles, 2 lack of a separate location for conducting vehicular inspections, 3 obstructed view of access road and vehicular inspection area, 4 lack of overwatch area with final barrier to prohibit the access of large vehicles, 5 inability to retrofit Building 131 with required ballistic-rated glazing and doors, and 6 proximity to priority resources. Potential impacts to the natural and human environment associated with construction of a replacement Main Gate at NBAFS are assessed in the accompanying Environmental Assessment EA, Environmental Assessment for Replacement of the Main Gate at New Boston Air Force Station, New Hampshire. The EA was prepared in accordance with specific tasks and procedures of the USAF Environmental Impact Analysis Process EIAP Air Force Instruction 32-7061, as it applies to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 Public Law 91-190, 42 U.S.C. Sections 4321 4347. The EA evaluates the environmental consequences of two configurations of the proposed action A and B and the no-action alternative i.e., continuing to use the existing Main Gate entrance. The assessment evaluates the potential for impacts to air quality, noise levels, topography, geology, soils, water resources, ecological resources including threatened and endangered species and wetlands, cultural resources, land use, recreation, visual resources, socioeconomics, and health and safety. The general public was given a 30-day period 12 Jan 15 to 13 Feb 15 to comment on the proposed action and the EA. All comments received from the public have been addressed.

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