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Environmental Assessment for Vandenberg Gate Complex Construction, Dorm Construction and Demolition at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts

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Pursuant to the Council on Environmental Quality regulation for implementing the procedural provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act NEPA, Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulation CFR 1500 1508 Air Force Environmental Impact Analysis Process EIAP regulations 32 CFR 989 and Department of Defense Directive 6050.1, the Air Force has prepared an Environmental Assessment EA to identify and assess the potential impacts on the natural and human environment associated with the construction of a new west-side entry gate the Vandenberg Gate Complex to replace the existing Vandenberg Gate main entrance to Hanscom Air Force Base AFB. The EA also evaluates the construction of a new Airmen dormitory and the demolition of existing Airmen dormitories on Hanscom AFB. The existing Vandenberg Gate operates as both the commercial vehicle gate as well as the personally-owned vehicle POV gate however, the existing gate does not comply with current standards. The construction of a multi-story Airmen dormitory and the demolition of two existing Airmen dormitories are also being proposed due to the rapidly deteriorating condition of the existing dormitories. The purpose of the Proposed Action is three-fold 1 to make near-term improvements to base infrastructure 2 to improve base access and security while reducing delays and 3 to upgrade facilities and Airmen quality of life. To accomplish these goals the Air Force is pursuing two 2 projects, the Vandenberg Gate Complex and Dormitory ConstructionDemolition projects. The need for the proposed action stems from the fact that current base facilities do not meet compliance standards or support mission requirements. The Vandenberg Gate Complex will meet base access and security standards, and also alleviate traffic congestion. Traffic congestion is caused by the lack of separate commercial and POV lanes and lack of an adequate turnaround for unauthorized vehicles attempting to enter the Base.

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