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Quantum Dot Detectors with Plasmonic Structures

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Final rept. 14 Nov 2011-17 Mar 2013

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The goal of this project was to investigate the design, fabrication, and characterization, of multispectral quantum dots-in-a-double well DDWELL infrared detectors and investigate the integration of a Surface Plasmon SP assisted resonant cavity with the infrared detectors. Multicolor detector capabilities are highly desirable for advanced IR imaging systems, since they provide enhanced target discrimination and identification, combined with lower false-alarm rates. Systems that collect data in separate IR spectral bands can discriminate both absolute temperature as well as unique signatures of objects in the scene. By providing this new dimension of contrast, multiband detection also offers advanced color processing algorithms to further improve sensitivity above that of single-color devices. This is extremely important for identifying temperature differences between missile targets, warheads, and decoys. Multispectral IR focal plane arrays FPAs are highly beneficial for a variety of applications such as missile warnings guidance, precision strike, airborne surveillance, target detection, and recognition. Military surveillance, target detection, and target tracking can be undertaken using single-color FPAs if the targets are easy to identify. However, in the presence of clutter, or when the target andor background are uncertain, or in situations where the target andor background may change during engagement, single-color system design involves compromises that can degrade overall capability. It is well established that in order to reduce clutter and enhance the desired features contrast, one will require the use of multispectral focal plane arrays. In such cases, multicolor imaging can greatly improve overall system performance. The focus of this one year effort was to undertake a trade study to evaluate these technologies and a rigorous investigation of the performance parameters of these technologies.

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  • Infrared Detection and Detectors
  • Quantum Theory and Relativity

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