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Stochastic Analysis of Satellite-derived Arctic Sea Ice Information and Acceleration Proposal to Support N00014-02-1-0244

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Sea-ice motion falls under the larger category of non-rigid motion analysis Kambhamettu et al., 1994 1998, 2002. The interdisciplinary field of non-rigid motion involves the understanding of three basic types of materials, namely, continuous, piece-wise continuous, and discrete particle motion. Depending on the scale, each of these descriptions applies to sea ice. At the large basin scale, sea ice has traditionally been regarded as a non-rigid Newtonian continuum and at the small scale it is regarded as a collection of discrete particlesfloes. While great progress has been made in understanding these two outer scales of sea ice, the intermediate mesoscale of piece-wise continuous sea-ice motion is particularly difficult because it goes beyond the limits of its scale with very narrow i.e. small scale crack-like features stretching thousands of kilometers i.e. basin scale. The added complexity of sea ice as a solid material at the air-sea boundary interface makes sea ice a challenging material to study. Understanding such complex behavior involves an interdisciplinary approach through which many other fields can reap the benefits. Our long-term goal is therefore to gain an understanding of mesoscale sea-ice processes and their interplay with large and small scale processes within the hierarchy of air-ice-sea processes. Our approach is a cross-disciplinary one, which is ideally suited to advance basic principles in the scientific community at large.

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  • Snow, Ice and Permafrost

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