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Ballistic-Failure Mechanisms in Gas Metal Arc Welds of MIL A46100 Armor-Grade Steel: A Computational Investigation

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In our recent work, a multi-physics computational model for the conventional Gas Metal Arc Welding GMAW joining process was introduced. The model is of a modular type and comprises five modules, each designed to handle a specific aspect of the GMAW process, i.e. i electro-dynamics of the welding-gun ii radiation-convection-controlled heat transfer from the electric arc to the workpiece and mass transfer from the filler-metal consumable electrode to the weld iii prediction of the temporal evolution and the spatial distribution of thermal and mechanical fields within the weld region during the GMAW joining process iv the resulting temporal evolution and spatial distribution of the material microstructure throughout the weld region and v spatial distribution of the as-welded material mechanical properties. In the present work, the GMAW-process model has been upgraded with respect to its predictive capabilities regarding the spatial distribution of the mechanical properties controlling the ballistic limit i.e. penetration resistance of the weld. The model is upgraded through the introduction of the sixth module in the present work in recognition of the fact that in thick steel GMAW weldments, the overall ballistic performance of the armor may become controlled by the often inferior ballistic limits of its weld fusion and heat-affected zones. To demonstrate the utility of the upgraded GMAW process model, it is next applied to the case of butt-welding of a prototypical high-hardness armor-grade martensitic steel, MIL A46100. The model predictions concerning the spatial distribution of the material microstructure and ballistic-limit-controlling mechanical properties within the MIL A46100 butt-weld are found to be consistent with prior observations and general expectations.

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  • Fabrication Metallurgy
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