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Environmental Assessment: Improvements to Silver Flag Training Area at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida

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The Silver Flag Training Area at Tyndall AFB is proposed to be modified to allow a broader range of training conditions. The modifications are needed because the facilities, roads, and grounds at Silver Flag do not adequately meet all the requirements of the current training program. This EA has been prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act to assess the potential environmental impacts associated with the Proposed Action and alternatives. Under Alternatives 1, 2, and 3, the following six new facilities would be constructed and operated within or in the immediate vicinity of the Silver Flag cantonment area Mine Resistant Ambush Protected MRAP vehicle obstacle course, urban warfare village, Silver Flag entrance gate, MRAP vehicle parking area, latrineshowerlaundry facility, and bed-down training site. Each of these alternatives would also involve improvements to existing roads in the Silver Flag area that are used for MRAP vehicle training. The road improvements would primarily involve stabilization of existing roads, improvements to the drainage systems of existing roads, and upgrades to an existing bridge. In addition to the new facilities and road improvements, Alternatives 2 and 3 would involve new roadbridge construction. Under Alternative 2, a new route for MRAP vehicle training would be created in the northwestern part of the Silver Flag road network by constructing one of three new roads Alternative 2a, 2b, or 2c. Under Alternative 3, a new route for MRAP vehicle training would be created in the north central part of the Silver Flag road network by constructing either a new vehicular bridge Alternative 3a or one of two new roads Alternative 3b or 3c. Under the No-Action Alternative, the Silver Flag Training Area would not be modified in any manner in support of training conditions. Based on the findings of this EA, Alternative 1, 2, or 3 would each have no effect or impacts that range from negligible to moderate.

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  • Logistics, Military Facilities and Supplies
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