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Development of Advanced Technologies for Complete Genomic and Proteomic Characterization of Quantized Human Tumor Cells

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Annual rept. 15 Jun 2013-14 Jun 2014

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With the establishment of Glioblastoma GBM cell lines from GBM patient s tumor samples and quantized cell populations of each of the parental GBM cell lines, we have completed most of our major aims of this project. We will continue in our efforts in the development and analyses of these quantized cells and develop the genomic and proteomic technology to interpret specific transcriptome and proteome signatures. Whole genome sequencing from two families of GBM patients are now well established and from the basis of the molecular characterization of the tumor development and signatures presented by these tumors for the development of diagnostic signature panels. We have established efficient secretome cell culture conditions to enable proteomic analysis of these quantized cell sub populations and have begun to assemble the protein signatures of GBM tumors underpinned by the comprehensive molecular characterization of these tumors through family WGS, transcriptomics of single cells and secreted protein analysis. This program will ultimately provide new technical capabilities through broad based molecular characterization at the genomic and proteomic analysis of GBM patients and their immediate families and has already provide significant results. This final effort in the molecular characterization of a second patient and their family and the establishment and deployment of a proteomic signature for GBM diagnostics will be completed within the next 12 months.

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