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Stabilized Hemoglobin Wound Healing Development

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Annual rept. 26 Sep 2011-24 Sep 2012

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Wound healing is a highly complex orchestrated sequential process, which consists of inflammation, angiogenesis, and tissue formation and remodeling. An important participant, oxygen plays a multifaceted role in wound healing. Tissue oxygenation of the skin depends mainly on local blood supply and arterial oxygen tension as delivery of oxygen to wounds occurs by diffusion. Both clinical observations and animal studies have been shown that wound healing is delayed under hypoxia and cyclic reperfusion condition. Delivery of oxygen and the subsequent reversal of hypoxia may alleviate the decreased oxygen availability in cells thereby allow for wound repair in ischemic and ischemia-reperfusion I-R wounds. Oxygen is increasingly transported by the plasma and less by the red blood cells in wounds. IKOR-488, chemically-modified bovine hemoglobin increases the oxygen content of plasma and delivers oxygen selectively to hypoxic cells. This proposed project would establish dosing and treatment validation of IKOR-488 to prevent injury progression using our established animal rabbit dermal wound models. We expect that IKOR-488 will be effective in promoting wound healing in ischemic and cyclic reperfusion wounds by delivering oxygen and reversing hypoxia and its adverse effects. Currently there is a compelling, but unmet need for the development of oxygen therapeutic agents able to increase delivery of oxygen to ischemic and I-R wounds. Efficient delivery of oxygen using IKOR-488 in wounds as proposed in these studies can be a valuable therapeutic for promoting healing of combat injuries, acute as well as chronic wounds.

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