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Identifying Molecular Targets For PTSD Treatment Using Single Prolonged Stress

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Annual rept. 30 Sep 2013 29 Sep 2014

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Our statement of work proposed that in our first year of funding, we would examine whether SPS disrupts extinction retention by disrupting consolidation andor retrieval of extinction memory, andor enhancing fear memory reconsolidation or by disrupting contextual modulation of extinction retrieval. Data collection for all of these experiments, detailed in Specific Aim 1, has been completed and data analysis is currently underway. We proposed that work on Specific Aim 2, in which we examine if SPS enhancement in brain GR and -AR expression alters glutamatergic and GABAergic function in neural circuits that mediate SPS-induced deficits in extinction retention, would also have been started during the first year and we have completed the behavior part and tissue collection for 58 experiments described in this aim. Scoring of behavioral data is underway for these experiments, with molecular assays planned for the coming year. In addition to completing the above, we have begun some of the work proposed in Specific Aims 3 and 4 that was timetabled for later in the funding period. In this report we detail findings from two of these experiments. We feel confident that we have exceeded the goals set out in our statement of work due to the large numbers of experiments for which data collection is complete, and the progress made on Specific Aims 3 and 4 ahead of schedule.

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