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F-22 Operational Squadron and T-38 Detachment Beddown at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida

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The United States Air Force Air Force proposes to beddown an F-22 operational squadron and a T-38 detachment at Tyndall Air Force Base AFB to consolidate the F-22 fleet and provide additional Air Force capabilities at a strategic location to meet mission responsibilities for worldwide contingencies. The Proposed Action is to beddown 21 primary F-22 aircraft and 20 primary T-38 aircraft. Alternative 1 is to beddown 21 F-22 aircraft and only 10 T-38 aircraft. The F-22 and T-38 beddown would require an additional 671 personnel and 14 contractors. Until the end of Fiscal Year 2010 FY10, two F-15 squadrons were assigned to Tyndall AFB and utilized the Tyndall AFB airfield and airspace. By the end of the fiscal year, the F-15 squadrons with 809 personnel departed Tyndall AFB as part of an Air Force-wide drawdown of the F-15 fleet. The change in personnel assigned to Tyndall AFB would then be a net loss under the Proposed Action and Alternative 1. F-22 and T-38 training flights would take place on existing Military Operations Areas MOAs, Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace ATCAAs, and offshore warning areas. During training, F-22s would continue to employ defensive chaff and flare countermeasures in airspace authorized for their use and deploy munitions on approved ranges. In FY13, concurrent with the completion of the beddown, Tyndall AFB would be transferred from the Air Education and Training Command AETC to Air Combat Command ACC. Tyndall AFB would report and be funded through the ACC major command. The No Action Alternative would not locate additional F-22s or T -38s at Tyndall AFB at this time.

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