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Final Environmental Assessment: Military Family Housing Privatization Altus Air Force Base

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The Air Force proposes to privatize military family housing MFH in order to provide a feasible way to accelerate housing improvements to 1 provide adequate housing for military families, and 2 achieve the objectives of the Office of the Secretary of Defense OSD Planning Guidance. The OSD Planning Guidance requires all Services to revitalize, divest through privatization, or demolish inadequate housing on or before 2010. Altus AFB has 965 military family housing MFH units located on the installation. According to the 1999 Altus AFB Family Housing Master Plan FHMP the required inventory is 726 units however, Military Construction Funding MILCON is not available for the necessary renovation. Given the lack of military funding for MFH renovations and the need to follow DoD Planning Guidance, Altus AFB began to consider MFH privatization. The FHMP at Altus AFB found that privatization of MFH would be the most cost-effective and time efficient way to provide adequate housing for military families. The following biophysical resources were identified for study in this EA noise, air quality, earth resources, water resources, infrastructure and utilities, hazardous materials and wastes, biological resources, cultural resources, land use, socioeconomic resources. The proposed action would have no impact on groundwater, sanitary sewer, electricitynatural gas, biological resources cultural resources, land use, demographics, education, potable water use, hazardous materials and environmental justice. There would be minimal short-term impacts to noise, air quality earth resources, surface water resources, solid waste disposal, and traffic counts. There would be positive impacts to drainage, housing, and the economy.

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  • Logistics, Military Facilities and Supplies
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