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Final Environmental Assessment for Upgrading the Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) Target Arrays at Avon Park Air Force Range, Florida

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This environmental assessment EA was prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act NEPA. The process focused on the following environmental resources airspace and aircraft operations, safety, water, geology and soils, vegetation, invasive species, fire management, grazing, forestry, fish and wildlife to include threatened and endangered species, recreation, military training, cultural resources, and coastal zone management. The Proposed Action would upgrade two existing MOUTs, called the North and South MOUTs. The North MOUT upgrade would entail intensive site preparation by clearing the construction site to bare mineral soil constructing new buildings, new roads, and a stormwater drainage system. After construction, natural re-vegetation would occur near the new buildings and roads and the vegetation would be mowed once or twice annually. Twenty-six acres over the next 20 years could be urbanized in this manner. Construction would begin in 2008 or later. The South MOUT, approximately eight acres in size, would be disked once or twice annually. No additional roads or buildings would be added. The Alternative Action would be the same as the Proposed Action except that the North MOUT would be seeded with a tame pasture grass in the spaces between buildings and roads after the construction would be completed. Two preceding EAs previously established the construction and military training in both MOUTs. Therefore, the No-Action alternative would default back to the selected Proposed Actions of these EAs. This would result in constructing new buildings in the North MOUT and continued military training in both MOUTs. For the North MOUT, building construction would disturb the ground only within the dimensions of each new building, no new roads would be constructed, and the vegetation would not be mowed. The South MOUT would not be disked.

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  • Structural Engineering and Building Technology
  • Logistics, Military Facilities and Supplies
  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Environmental Health and Safety

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