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Final Environmental Assessment, Assured Aerospace Fuels Research Facility, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

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The United States Air Force Research Laboratory AFRL, Propulsion Directorate is pursuing research into alternate fuels for various Air Force needs WPAFB 2006a. As part of that research, AFRL is designing an Assured Aerospace Fuels Research Facility AAFRF. The proposed facility would be used to produce synthesized jet fuel for research purposes. The purpose of this environmental assessment EA is to analyze the environmental impacts of the proposed action and its alternative. Based on the evaluation in this EA, a determination will be made as to whether there are significant environmental impacts expected from the proposed action. This EA has been performed in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act NEPA of 1969, 40 Code of Federal Regulations CFR, Part 1500, the Council on Environmental Quality CEQ regulations implementing NEPA, and the U.S. Air Force Environmental Impact Analysis Process EIAP 32 CFR Part 989. The proposed AAFRF is a 4,000 square-foot facility that would be constructed on the south side of Building 490 also known as Facility 20490 in Area B at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base WPAFB. The proposed site for the project is shown on the site map in Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2 and photographs in Appendix A. The facility would house the process equipment for producing a 5050 blend of Fischer- Tropsch FT fuel and jet fuel from various feed stocks. This program is a major component of the Air Force Alternate Fuels Program. This project is needed to meet the Air Force s goal of certifying all aircraft weapons systems to use a 5050 blend of petroleum-derived jet fuel and jet fuel from alternative sources by 2011 DoD 2007.

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