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Environmental Assessment for Proposed Construction of 917 Parking Lot/Access Bridge Barksdale Air Force Base Louisiana

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The purpose of the proposed action would be to provide adequate parking for the shops of the 917 Wing reserve unit located on the southern portion of the base as shown in figure 1. Parking for privately owned vehicles POV within the 917 Wing cantonment area is provided in two large, one medium, and several small scattered lots. Total capacity of all existing defined POV parking within the area is 540 vehicles. The demand for parking usually exceeds that available within the area. Active duty weekends normally occur twice per month with 700 to 800 personnel attending each. The existing POV parking lots are insufficient to accommodate all vehicles. Personnel are forced to park vehicles on both sides of Davis Avenue at the curb. This causes the two-lane roadway to be congested and dangerous. The road becomes impassable for larger trucks and emergency vehicles. Fire hydrants and fire lanes are often blocked. Fire personnel also have problems gaining adequate access to facilities. Fire fighting activities are deterred if fire trucks cannot get within 350 feet of the facility. These problems are amplified when reserve units are activated and there is a substantial increase in personnel requiring parking. Finally, the parking deficit increases during times of heightened security when parking spaces nearer the building are blocked to meet force protection requirements. Providing additional off street parking will alleviate or prevent congestion of the public right-of-way and promote the safety and general welfare of the public. Developable acreage is a premium in this area of the base. POV parking is not allowed inside the security fence on the flight line. Most available land for parking is too remote to provide appropriate access to working areas. As seen in Figure 2, there is ample parking to the east and west but there is a deficit in the mid section of the 917 Wing areas.

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