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Final Environmental Assessment for the Explosives Clear Zone Master Plan, Hill Air Force Base

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Hill Air Force Base AFB is home of the Ogden Air Logistics Center OO-ALC, one of three Air Logistics Centers that are part of the Air Force Materiel Command. The current mission of Hill AFB is to provide depot repair, modification, and maintenance support to major aircraft and weapon systems. The purpose of this Environmental Assessment is to determine whether implementation of the Proposed Action Explosives Clear Zone ECZ Master Plan would have a significant impact on human health or the environment. The purpose of the ECZ Master Plan is to enhance mission effectiveness and resource efficiency, to integrate all organizational requirements, and to formulate a corporate execution strategy. The proponent for this action is the Directorate of Specialized Management at Hill AFB. This FONSI is for the portion of the actions proposed for FY04, which includes the construction of 21 igloos for the 649th MUNS, 5 igloos and I maintenance facility for QL, 1 igloo for WSEP and 3 new igloos for SOB Small Diameter Bomb. These actions will require the demolition of 6 igloos in the MAMS I and 1 in the MAMS II area. There are significant limitations to the existing facilities on the Base. The ECZ contains 621 facilities that are affected by Quantity- Distance Q-D standards. Munitions are stored in Earth Covered Magazines ECM, many of which were constructed in the 1930s and 1940s and are severely outdated in terms of design, configuration, and effective utilization. Many are deteriorating and in need of extensive rehabilitation or replacement. The configuration of the ECM entry doors makes munitions loading and unloading inefficient. The interior configuration of the ECMs does not allow full utilization of interior space for munitions storage. The placement of ECMs was based on Q-D criteria at the time and is now outdated and inefficient to meet current mission requirements.

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  • Logistics, Military Facilities and Supplies
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