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Structure Formation in Complex Plasma - Quantum Effects in Cryogenic Complex Plasmas

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Final rept. 28 Jun 2012-27 Jun 2014

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This research showed the bow shock formation in a complex plasma, where plasma particles and charged dust particles form a complex entity. The formation was visible by naked eyes through the illumination of laser light on dust particles. The supersonic flow was possible to make in a complex plasma since dust acoustic wave is characterized by a sound speed of a few cm per second. This observation is important as it is a good representation of bow shocks commonly observed in planetary magnetospheres. This experiment showed the vortex formation and mass ejection in a complex plasma. Movement of dust particles is visible through the illumination of dust particles by laser light. The observation clarified the vortex physics commonly observed in nature such as tornados and typhoons, and even in the universe such as solar mass ejection. Molecular dynamic simulation of a complex plasma showed the formation of double helical structures of dust particles. The simulation and theory showed that a complex plasma characterized by its strongly coupled state could play a role in the understanding of structural formation of matters in general. Experiments, computer simulations and theoretical studies have shown that a complex plasma is rich research field to understand basic physics of various phenomena through the observation of dust particles by naked eyes with the help of laser irradiation. This research team has shown that a complex plasma is opening a new field in the well-established plasma physics.

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  • Plasma Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics

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