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Final Environmental Assessment Prescribed Burning for Weed Management on F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming

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PURPOSE AND NEED FOR ACTION. Present day research and experience have shown that prescribed burning can be an effective land management tool. Prescribed burns are used most frequently to maintain and restore native grasslands. Prescribed burning can recycle nutrients tied up in old plant growth, control many woody plants and herbaceous weeds, improve poor quality forage, increase plant growth, and improve certain wildlife habitat. Phase I of the proposed action is to conduct a prescribed burn on approximately 43 acres surrounding North Pearson Lake on F. E. Warren Air Force Base see Appendix A, Figure A.1 . Following the prescribed burn , native grass seed would be broadcast throughout the burned area to promote the growth of native prairie grasses and establish competition for invasive species especially Canada thistle. Phase II of the proposed action is a prescribed burn that would be conducted on approximately 20 acres surrounding the Fire Department Tower Building, Build ing No. 1340 see Appendix A, Figure A.2. The Phase II prescribed burn would be used to eliminate tall weeds and debris around the Fire Tower building in the Fire Departments training site. This would create an improved environment for Fire Departments training exercises. Scope of the Environmental Assessment. This Environmental Assessment EA is required by the Air Force Environmental Impact Analysis Process 32 CFR 989, the National Environmental Policy Act Public Law 91- 190, and Council on Environmental Quality CEQ Regulations 40 CFR Parts 1500- 1508. This EA identifies, describes, and evaluates the potential direct, indirect, and cumulative environmental impacts that could result from the proposed action.

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