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Environmental Assessment for the Implementation of the Airfield Obstruction Management Plan, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

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Eielson is proposing to bring its runway clear zone into compliance with Air Force regulations and requirements. At the present time an estimated 250 acres of trees are within the flightline imaginary surfaces as defined in the Unified Facilities Criteria UFC 3-260-01 for Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design. To eliminate the hazard associated with these trees, Eielson is proposing to implement an AOMP which calls for the removal of trees that pose as airfield obstructions over a 5- to 10-year period. Description of the Proposed Action The proposed action will result in the removal of trees that pose as airfield obstructions in approximately 43 acres of white spruce, birch, and aspen trees that are situated along the western boundary of Eielsons flightline. Portions of this area may only receive partial clearing of trees. All tree obstacles that intersect the imaginary surfaces of the airfield, including the approach-departure clearance surface and the transitional surface, will be trimmed 10 feet below the actual imaginary surface to allow for a margin of error and future growth of trees. Any marketable trees cut will be disposed of in accordance with Eielsons Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan. Those areas that will be clearcut will be converted to grass areas that can be maintained by mowing. Alternatives to the Proposed Action One action alternative to the proposed action was identified. Alternative 1 would result in the clear-cutting of all trees that intersect the flightlines imaginary surfaces. This could result in as many as 200 to 250 acres of trees being clear-cut. Once the trees were cut, stumps would be removed, the area leveled, and grass planted. The areas would be maintained by mowing.

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