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Environmental Assessment for the Construction of the Power Plant Discharge Ditch Fish Barrier, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

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Introduction. Eielson Air Force Base Eielson is proposing to construct a fish barrier that is designed to prevent fish in French Creek from entering the Central Heating and Power Plants CHPP cooling pond discharge ditch. The water discharge in this ditch has temperatures that are elevated above the maximum allowable for anadromous fish of the type that inhabits French Creek, the stream to which the discharge ditch is connected. The fish barrier is a requirement of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System NPDES pem1it that Eielson must have for the CHPP to discharge its cooling water. Description of the Proposed Action. The Proposed Action will result in the construction of a fish barrier at the downstream end of three culverts through which water in the discharge ditch flows. The barrier would consist of a metal frame with rods that serve as a barrier to fish that might swim upstream into the discharge ditch. The barrier would be built approximately 325 feet from the confluence of the discharge ditch and French Creek. Alternatives to the Proposed Action. One alternative to the Proposed Action was identified. This alternative would construct a fish barrier similar to that of planned for the Proposed Action, but it would be located further downstream, closer to the confluence ofthe discharge ditch and French Creek. No Action Alternative. This altemative would result in no action being taken to block fish from migrating into the CHPPs discharge ditch. This could result in the non-issuance of an NPDES pe1mit and the inability of the CHPP of discharging its cooling water.

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