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Environmental Assessment Temporary Use of a Training Airport

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The purpose of the action is to ensure there is no disruption to pilot training at Columbus AFB while Runway 13Right31Left 13R31L at the Base is closed for repair and repaving from approximately February to July 2003. Under the Proposed Action, Columbus AFB would rotate as many as 18 T-1 aircraft to the Golden Triangle Regional Airport GTRA, which is about 13 miles southwest of the Base and 10 miles west of the City of Columbus, Mississippi, on a weekly basis during the 6-month period and then fly training sorties from the airport. Columbus AFB T-37 aircraft would continue to be parked at and launch and terminate sorties at the Base however, T-37 airfield operations would be accomplished at the GTRA Mondays through Fridays during the 6-month period. T-1 and T-37 aircraft would accomplish about 161.20 average daily operations at the GTRA. The Air Force would transport a mobile air traffic control tower to the airport from another location for use in controlling all aircraft traffic at the airport during the period when T-1 and T-37 operations would be conducted at the airport. The airspace within an approximate 5-mile radius of the GTRA and up to 2,500 above ground level would be designated as class D airspace when the air traffic control tower would be operating. No extensive aircraft maintenance activities would be anticipated to occur at GTRA other than the rare occasion when a T-1 or T-3 7 aircraft might land at the airport due to an emergency that would require maintenance before being capable of a subsequent flight. This EA evaluates the Proposed Action and the No Action Alternative. Under the No Action Alternative, Columbus AFB would not locate T-1 aircraft at the GTRA or conduct T-1 andor T-37 airfield operations at the airport while 13R3 1L at the Base would be closed.

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  • Military Aircraft Operations
  • Terminal Flight Facilities
  • Environmental Health and Safety

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