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Environmental Assessment for the Construction of Flood Control Structures in Base Housing, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

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Introduction. Eielson Air Force Base Eielson is proposing to construct flood control structures that are designed to protect 62 housing units in the Moose Lake Estates subdivision area of base housing from flooding during summer months. Currently, houses in the Moose Lake Estates are protected by a 9-foot high levee that was built to prevent surface flooding of the area. Although surface flooding has not been a source of flooding to these houses, infiltration into basements during high groundwater periods in summer has caused significant damage and inconvenience to base housing residents. This project is intended to alleviate this problem. Description of the Proposed Action. The proposed action will result in the construction of a 2,064-foot interceptor trench connected to a 50-foot by 75-foot basin from which groundwater would be pumped. The trench will contain a 30-inch diameter perforated pipe, which will be placed on a descending gradient, with the greatest depth at the basin end of the trench system. High volume pumps will be installed near the collection basin to pump water from the basin to a location down gradient from the housing area. The proposed project will result in the loss of 1.32 acres of wetlands. Alternatives to the Proposed Action. One alternative to the proposed action was identified. This alternative would be accomplished by sealing each individual basement structure in the subdivision to prevent water intrusion. Effectively sealing the basements would require waterproofing the exterior walls of the structures, as well as sealing the floors. Excavating around the foundation could seal the walls, but the floors would require that a waterproof barrier be applied from the inside. No Action Alternative. This alternative would result in no action being taken to protect the Moose Lake Estates housing units from intrusion by groundwater. This could result in millions of dollars of damage to base housing and related facilities.

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