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Establish the Delta Military Operations Areas Environmental Assessment Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska

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Proposals and Actions This Environmental Assessment EA analyzes the potential environmental consequences of a proposal to improve required training for Major Flying Exercises MFEs by establishing the Delta Military Operations Areas MOAs as part of the YukonFox Complex. The YukonFox Complex consists of the Yukon, Fox, Eielson, Birch, and Buffalo MOAs associated Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace ATCAAs ranges R-2202, R-2205, and R-2211 and the Delta ATCAA. The proposed Delta MOA would allow aircrews to train as they fight. Current MFE training cannot be achieved at the combat mission level with the existing ATCAA and MOA structure connecting the Yukon and FoxEielson Special Use Airspaces SUAs. At present, MFE training aircraft must transition the Delta corridor by either climbing above Flight Level FL 180 18,000 feet above mean sea level MSL into the Delta ATCAA or funneling through the low altitude Birch or Buffalo MOAs. The abrupt and segmented changes in altitude artificially constrain realistic threat-avoidance and attack run-in training precisely when pilots should be focused on combat conditions. The proposed Delta MOA permits use of current technology and tactics and provides all angle surface attacks, threat reaction tactics, air-to-air combat maneuvering, and joint air-ground operations in conjunction with ranges R-2202 and R-2205. The Delta MOA would overlie the Birch and Buffalo MOAs, have a ceiling of FL180 at the existing Delta ATCAA, have a floor of 10,000 feet MSL from Eielson Air Force Base AFB to the Birch MOA, and have a floor 3,000 feet above ground level AGL between the Birch and Buffalo MOAs. The Delta MOA would be activated not more than 6 MFEs a year not to exceed 60 days per year with 1.5-2.5 hour periods twice a weekday.

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