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Environmental Assessment for the Expansion of Aircraft Parking Ramps E-7 and E-8, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

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Introduction. Eielson Air Force Base Eielson is proposing to expand parking and refueling facilities in the Loop taxiway area. This expansion of parking facilities is critically needed due to the increased traffic of Air Force wide-bodied aircraft that utilize Eielson runway facilities. Taxiing and refueling of aircraft in the Loop area is severely restricted by limited parking ramp space and can result in congestion that interferes with mission operations. Description of the Proposed Action. The proposed action would result in the expansion of paved areas in association with the E-7 and E-8 parking ramps. The existing ramps and taxiway L paved areas would be increased from 1,820,013 square feet to 3, 118,805 square feet. This would also increase the number of parking spaces for C-17 sized aircraft from six to sixteen. This action would result in the filling of 6.5 acres of black spruce scrubshrub wetlands. Alternatives to the Proposed Action. One alternative to the proposed action was identified. This alternative would result in the expansion of the E-7 and E-8 parking ramps on the northeast side of the existing ramps. The expansion would be of similar size, but would be configured differently. Expansion in this direction would only allow parking spaces for 10 aircraft. Two existing pump houses would have to be relocated. This alternative would result in no loss of wetlands. No Action Alternative. This alternative would result in no expansion of aircraft parking facilities in the E-7 and E-8 ramp areas. Existing shortages of parking and fueling locations would remain, and congestion associated with aircraft movement would continue.

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  • Military Aircraft Operations
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