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Environmental Assessment Addressing the Privatization of Military Family Housing at Cavalier Air Force Station, North Dakota

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Consistent with the USAF Housing Privatization Program, the USAF proposes to convey MFH units, grant a lease of land, and transfer responsibility for providing housing and ancillary supporting facilities at Cavalier AFS, North Dakota, to a private developer the PO. Current housing inventories for Cavalier AFS indicate that there are 14 MFH units on the installation. The Initial Development Period IDP would begin upon completion of contractual matters initiating the Proposed Action called Transaction Closing and would be estimated to last for up to 6 years. IDP is synonymous with transition period as stated throughout this document. From conveyance to end state, the number of MFH units at Cavalier AFS would remain at 14 because the Housing Requirements and Marketing Analysis determined that there is no surplus or deficit in MFH units on the installation. At all times during the transition period, sufficient numbers of units for all eligible pay grades would be maintained and there would never be less than 9 available units. Specific transactions that would occur between Cavalier AFS and the PO as part of the Proposed Action are as follows Cavalier AFS would convey 14 MFH units to the PO in one neighborhood North View. Twelve MFH units, constructed in 1973, would be demolished and replaced with 12 newly constructed MFH units single-family homes. The new MFH units to be constructed would consist of a mixture of three- and four-bedroom, single-family units, each with a 300-square-foot arctic room i.e., a room, particularly in houses in colder regions, that is designed for the shedding of dirty or wet footwear and clothing. The remaining 2 MFH units, constructed in 2001, would require renovation with minor improvements, including finishing the basements in both units and adding a garage to one unit.

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