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In Situ Characterization of Point-of-Discharge Fine Particulate Emissions

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Fine particle and trace gaseous emissions from five weapons systems were characterized during routine training on firing ranges at Ft. Sill, OK between March 16th and March 24th 2007. Real-time trace gas and fine particulate matter PM instruments were deployed in the Aerodyne Research, Inc. mobile laboratory to measure muzzle plume and, where feasible, breech plume and soldier breathing zone munitions emission properties from the M109A5 155mm self-propelled howitzer, the M119 105mm howitzer, the M203 40mm grenade launcher, the M249 5.66mm SAW, and the M240 7.62mm machine gun. Fine particle number density, mass loading, black carbon content, and nonrefractory chemical content were characterized along with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and selected toxic organic trace gas emissions. Emission indices mass of pollutantmass of propellant energetic material for quantified gaseous and PM chemical species or species classes were computed from emission plume trace species and major carbon gas CO CO2 concentrations propellant carbon mass balances were used to correct for plume dilution by ambient air. Time traces of solider breathing zone trace gas and fine PM emissions concentrations for the relatively high wind conditions present during the sampled firing sequences are also reported along with representative ambient background measurements before andor after firing sequences. The plume emission indices and breathing zone data have been transmitted to USACHPPM for evaluation of potential health risks for gun crews andor individual weapons operators under real weapons training conditions.

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