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Essential Structures of C2 Subsystems and Interaction Logics to Agility

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According to system engineering, the command and control C2 system comprises of two basic subsystems including technical system TS and organizational system OS. It is vital to identify the essential character of the structures of the two subsystems which can impact and contribute to C2 Agility. This paper discussed the essential structures of C2 system as well as the interaction logics to C2 agility. Typically, the TS is a net based structure with lots of TS nodes TSNs widely connected with information system. The OS is a tree like structure having strict relationship among OS nodes OSNs, a structure that have been in use since ancient time and believed to be in use in future too. In C2 agility, there are two logics for the TS and OS to interact with each other. One is TOT logic that means C2 information flow from TS nodes to OS nodes, and then back to TS nodes. In this logic, OS nodes play a bridging role which limits the C2 agility. It is the OS nodes composed of personnel commander and staff, organizational structures, work procedures limit the C2 agility. The other is OTO logic that means C2 information flow from OS nodes to TS nodes, and then back to OS nodes. In this logic, TS nodes play a bridging role which limits the C2 agility. This paper believes that to synchronize the logics, the intersection is common, standard, measureable, minable, visualized, diagrammatic CSMMVD signs and signals both for computers and officers. This paper argues that in future battlefield, enemy actions and friendly course of actions, operation plans, and orders should be made and displayed with CSMMVD signs and signals. Under standard procedures and tactics, facing with CSMMVD signs and signals, balance and efficiency in decision making is possible. Continuity and variety in decision taking is efficient in C2 system, and C2 agility is underway. Conclusion Signs and signals are to be exploited for C2 system to function successfully in a variety of missions.

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