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Microgrid Enabled Distributed Energy Solutions (MEDES) - Fort Bliss Military Reservation

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Cost and performance rept.

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The Microgrid Enabled Distributed Energy Solutions MEDES demonstration project is the first Department of Defense DoD grid-tied microgrid to integrate renewable resources, on-site generation, and energy storage with facility loads and the utility distribution network. As prime contractor, Lockheed Martin designed and built the microgrid system, intelligently integrating distributed diesel generation, solar photovoltaic PV array, and grid-scale energy storage with the medium voltage utility grid and facility loads at one of the Brigade Combat Team BCT Complexes at Fort Bliss. Currently the United States U.S. power grid is largely centralized with a handful of large utilities handling the majority of power production in the country. In 1996, a sagging power line in Oregon brushed up against a tree, and then within minutes, 12 million electricity customers in eight states lost power. Such is the vulnerability of the aging U.S. power grid. In order to remedy this systemic risk from large scale blackouts a new more decentralized system can be used in which a cluster of on-site power generation devicesassets can service local loads in the event of power loss from the Utility. A microgrid is a localized set of generation, energy storage, and loads that normally operate connected to a traditional utility grid. There is a single point of common coupling with the utility grid that can be disconnected if the microgrid needs to be able to operate without utility power in the event of utility failure. The primary benefit of a microgrid is energy suretyresiliencymission sustainment however there can be advantages in found in energy cost savings depending on one s electric rate structure. The Energy Manager needs to fully understand their electric provider s rate structure and the load profile of their facilities in order to effectively design a microgrid to help in energy costs.

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  • Economics and Cost Analysis
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