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The German Replacement Army (Ersatzheer)

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This book brings together for the first time the great amount of detailed information on the character, functions, composition, locations, and affiliations of all types of replacement units which are comprised in the German Replacement Army. This material is presented in such a form as to enable the user, after familiarizing himself with the general arrangement of the book, to look up any desired information with a minimum of delay. The book is intended for use of intelligence personnel who are already well acquainted with the organization and mode of employment of the German Field Army as described in the Order of Battle of the German Army, to which it is the sequel. Its primary purpose is to enable Order of Battle specialists, document exploiters, and interrogators to trace connections between field and replacement units which may prove invaluable in their work. The military careers of prisoners of war can be traced much more accurately, many unexplained allusions in documents can be clarified, and even the identity of units in the field can be established by a proper use of this material. In addition, the Army of Invasion is provided with all details on the disposition of replacement units in the German Zone of the Interior, and the Army of Occupation will be aided in supervising the demobilization of the German Army. Apart from the descriptive sections at the beginning and the indexes at the end, the book gives the same basic material, namely, detailed data on all specific replacement units, from three different aspects geographically according to Wehrkreise section III, in numerical tables of the replacement units themselves showing their locations and their affiliated field units section IV, and in numerical tables of the field units showing their affiliated replacement units section V. It also contains descriptions of the replacement system of the Air Force ground organizations section VI and of the Waffen-SS section VII.

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