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Information as Power: An Anthology of Selected United States Army War College Student Papers. Volume 1

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The Information in Warfare Working Group of the U.S. Army War College is pleased to present this anthology of selected student work from Academic Year 2006 representing examples of well-written and in-depth analyses on the vital subject of Information in Warfare. The charter of the working group calls for it to coordinate and recommend the design, development and integration of content and courses related to the information element of power into the curriculum to prepare students for senior leadership positions. This publication is an important component of that effort. Interestingly, one needs to go back to the Reagan administration to find the most succinct and pointed mention of information as an element of power in formal government documents. Subsequent national security documents allude to different aspects of information but without a specific strategy or definition. Still, it is generally accepted in the United States government today that information is an element of national power along with diplomatic, military and economic power...and that information is woven through the other elements since their activities will have an informational impact. Increasingly, however, the United States finds itself falling behind in its ability to wield the information element of power. And, while it certainly is a military superpower one has to question whether the United States maintains that same status with regard to information. The current information environment has leveled the playing field for not only nation states, but nonstate actors, multinational corporations and even individuals to affect strategic outcomes with minimal information infrastructure and little capital expenditure. Anyone with a camera cell phone and personal digital device with internet capability understands this. On the other hand, the United States military has increasingly leveraged advances in information infrastructure and technology to gain advantages on the modern battlefield.

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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