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Photon-Limited Information in High Resolution Laser Ranging

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Final rept. 1 Oct 2011-31 Dec 2012

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This project is an effort under the Information in a Photon InPho program at DARPADSO. Its purpose is to investigate experimentally and theoretically the fundamental physical and information theoretic limits to laser ranging and imaging using bits of information per received photon bpp as a metric. This project emphasizes the use of non-brief-pulse transmit waveforms and in particular Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave FMCW ladar based on active linearization of tunable laser chirp sources developed by MSU-Spectrum Lab, Synthetic Aperture Ladar 2D imaging with same source, and compressive laser ranging and imaging techniques. Additionally, this project investigated the use of quantum mechanically entangled biphotons in the form of down converted chirp photons for ranging. Experimental activities have included Demonstration of a compressive ranging technique that utilizes pseudorandom waveforms to sense a sparse range scene with few measurements. Extensive collection of FMCW ladar data with a strong and weak local oscillator LO powers showing excellent agreement with theoretical statistics and information theoretic calculations. Demonstration of quantum optical fourth order interference from a Type II KTP waveguide Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion SPDC source. Demonstration of single pixel imaging with pseudo-random projected waveforms at 1500 nm and detection with single photon counting InGaAs avalalanche photodiodes. Theoretical assistance was provided in first half of the project by Dr. Baris Erkmen of JPL who was funded through a separate channel

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  • Optical Detection and Detectors
  • Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics

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