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Final Environmental Assessment for the Installation of New JDAM and High Fidelity Targets for the Nevada Test and Training Range

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The United States Air Force Air Force, Nellis Air Force Base AFB proposes to construct additional High Fidelity and Joint Direct Attack Munition JDAM target structures and ancillary facilities at the Nevada Test and Training Range NTTR. The proposed target structures and facilities would be located in ranges 7 1, 76, and 74 of the NTTR. Existing targets, similar to the proposed target structures, are already present in ranges 71, 76, and 74. The target structures and facilities may include JDAM targets, high fidelity urban target complex, a chemicalindustrial target complex, simulated tunnel complexes, convoy targets and Tactical Ordnance Scoring System towers. The purpose of constructing and implementing High Fidelity targets at the NTTR is to fulfill the Air Forces need to train aircrews in a modem urban environment. The purpose of implementing JDAM is to use it as a Stand-off Weapon during urban warfare. One of the benefits of the JDAM weapon in an urban setting is to pinpoint hotspots while minimizing collateral damage. The High Fidelity and JDAM targets would provide multiple current world scenarios that depict the types of threats and terrorist facilities that the Air Force must operate against. The need for the proposed action is to enhance the realism of the High Fidelity and JDAM target training scenarios, and train aircrews in the use of High Fidelity and JDAM weapons. The proposed action would consist of integrated, realistic targets and assets, which simulate an urban environment for aircrews at multiple locations on the North Range of the NTTR. An environmental assessment EA was prepared for the installation of new JDAM targets and ancillary facilities proposal on NTTR. The EA considered potential impacts of the proposed action.

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