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Nuclear Operations

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This doctrine provides guidance for Air Force nuclear operations. It is based on a body of knowledge gained from experience and lessons learned in organizing, training, and equipping nuclear forces in support of national security objectives. The Air Force is responsible for maintaining effective forces with the capability to support national security deterrence goals by holding at risk a broad range of targets, while placing great emphasis on the safety and security of our people and the nuclear arsenal. Achieving this in today s environment requires both an in-depth understanding of the modern world and a current doctrine built on the foundation of over 60 years of experience in nuclear operations. Nuclear operations are not as visible a component of national security as they were during the Cold War however, nuclear forces continue to underwrite our Nation s security. The Air Force must ensure that its corporate nuclear enterprise is reinvigorated. All Air Force personnel involved in nuclear operations must maintain the highest standards of professional integrity and discipline so that our nuclear capability remains credible in the eyes of potential adversaries. Deterrence is not limited to the threat of attack against the US. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction WMD, including nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons and their associated delivery systems, threatens US forces, allies and interests around the world. Because US policy precludes an in-kind response to chemical and biological weapons, the US maintains credible nuclear forces as a deterrent against all forms of WMD. As with all doctrine, this doctrine document is authoritative, not directive. In order to more fully represent the responsibilities of those commanding and handling nuclear weapons, it contains some directive policy statements that would not normally appear in a doctrine document.

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