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Care for the Critically Injured Burn Patient Modulation of Burn Scars Through Laser Deliver of Stem Cells

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Annual rept. 30 Sep 2012-29 Sep 2013

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The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that hypertrophic burn scars can be remodeled by fractional laser treatment and administration of stem cells. Finding the best ways to combine these approaches is a goal of this proposal. During the period of this report we have been completing an examination of the effect of fractional CO2 and ErbiumYAG lasers on hypertrophic third degree burn scars made in Red Duroc pigs. Fractional lasers appeared to remodel the superficial dermis although deeper scarring could still be observed. Western blot analysis from tissue samples indicated that MMP9 and perhaps decorin play a role in this dermal remodeling. Fibroblasts grown from treated burn scars also supported these findings. ErbiumYAG laser seemed to be more effective than CO2 laser in producing these changes. Early work examining the ability of fractional lasers to deliver stem cells has established that these lasers can get stem cells into hypertrophic scarred tissues. Delivering stem cells stem cells to burn scars also appeared to reduce the transformation of fibroblasts to myofibroblast. Although preliminary, allogeneic stem cells appeared to be superior in improving clinical scoring of hypertrophic third degree burn scars.

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