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An Internal, Demand-Side Approach Toward Implementing Strategic Sourcing: Political, Legal, and Economic Considerations

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A commonly cited criticism of the Department of Defense DoD is inefficiency in its acquisition process that leads to a high potential for waste. The purpose of this study is to explore whether the DoDs institutional setting and related bureaucratic structure prohibit leaders and policymakers from effectively implementing private sector best practices related to strategic sourcing, especially demand management. Demand management requires an organizational mindset supporting the governance of production and consumption within a commodity group. A qualitative, case study research methodology was used to explore whether the DoDs institutional framework permitted the utilization of strategic sourcing processes, such as demand management. Gortner, Mahler, and Nicholsons theoretical framework and related argument that public and private sector organizations differ from each other according to three distinct mediums legal, economic, and political was applied. The study also applied the theory and research asserted by Chubb and Moe 1990 to determine whether their findings -- that the institution itself and its outdated bureaucratic processes are the root causes of inadequate performance -- also apply to the DoD acquisition system. We proposed the following three research questions 1 To what extent does the DoD acquisition structure limit its ability to practice strategic sourcing 2 Given certain DoD initiatives, what variablesmodifications were instituted that promoted successful strategic sourcing practices and 3 Is it possible to mirror these successful examples and apply them on an enterprise-wide basis across the DoD acquisition platform This research effort focused on the United States Air Force and its Strategic Sourcing Program Management Office SSPMO, referred to as the Air Forces Enterprise Sourcing Group ESG.

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