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Application of Advanced Laser Diagnostics to High-Impact Technologies: Science and Applications of Ultrafast, Ultraintense Lasers

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Final rept. 1 Feb 2005-10 Apr 2013

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This report describes the results of experimental and numerical investigations on the development of extreme-light diagnostics. The purpose of this program was to develop extreme-light diagnostic tools that could be utilized in the future for exploring new frontiers of aerospace science and performing in-place nondestructive evaluation and inspections of newly manufactured and fielded weapons-systems components. The objectives of this research program were realized through an extensive experimental campaign that utilized ultrafast and ultraintense laser systems for the development of advanced sources of secondary emission for nondestructive evaluation. The secondary sources were to include X-rays, energetic electrons, neutrons, and protons. At the crux of the work was the fundamental interaction between an incident, ultrafast, ultraintense laser pulse and a material target. A variety of target materials was explored in this work, and much of the effort was spent on fundamental studies. The results of these studies will serve to guide engineering efforts in establishing these sources for future Air Force applications. Most of the effort was directed toward the development of hard X-ray sources using both metal and liquid targets. The following titles, which have been published in professional journals and conference proceedings or are unpublished reportspresentations, are provided in this report Efficiency and scaling of an ultrashort-pulse high-repetition-rate laser-driven X-ray source An Evaluation of fsns-LIBS for Measuring Total Particulate Emissions Picosecond Laser Machining of Shaped Holes In Thermal Barrier Coated Turbine Blades Double-pulse and single-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for distinguishing between gaseous and particulate phase analytes Hot electron dominated rapid transverse ionization growth in liquid water

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