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Use of eQTL Analysis for the Discovery of Target Genes Identified by GWAS

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Annual rept. 1 Apr 2012-31 Mar 2013

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The goals of this grant proposal are to 1 construct a prostate tissue-specific expression quantitative trait loci eQTL dataset and 2 utilize this dataset to identify candidate genes for existing prostate cancer PC risk-single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs that can then be followed up in future studies. To accomplish this goal we will perform a genome-wide SNP analysis Illumina Human Omni 2.5M SNP array and a genome-wide mRNA expression analysis RNA sequencing on a common set of 500 samples of normal prostate tissue sampled from men with PC. To date, we have pre-screened normal prostate tissue with the use of HE stained sections from 4000 men having a radical prostatectomy in order to identify those cases meeting our strict selection criteria for further processing tissue localized to the posterior region of the prostate, no tumor, no high grade PIN, no BPH, 1 lymphocytes, and the final percent of epithelial cells present 40. Furthermore, the RNA DNA purification and DNA genotyping RNA expression analyses proposed have also been completed. We are now in the final phase of the project. We have completed the quality-control analysis of the genotyping and RNA sequencing results and are now completing the statistical analysis required for the construction of the eQTL dataset.

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